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Welcome to our new website (yes another one). As you may have noticed we have a few websites all with different names. I’m no website designer, as you may also have noticed, but we like to keep our websites in house so changes can be made quickly.

Our websites:-

www.doormaker.co.uk – This one, it will be our main website one day because the name is so easy to remember. This new site has replaced the old doormaker site.  I think I’ve finally found a package that will organise the sites. Eventually they will all link seamlessly to each other so not loads of different domain names and confusion.

www.victoriandoorsuk.co.uk – Another new one also under construction.  For some reason we don’t get many period door enquiries which is a shame because we’re very good at them and very competitive on price that’s why I’m setting the new Victoriandoorsuk website up

www.jonathanelwellinteriors.co.uk – Our oldest website which contains lots of important information albeit in a very disorganised manner

www.oakdoors-uk.co.uk – I created this one thinking it would appear high on the search engine rankings, unfortunately it doesn’t (yet)

www.hardwoodwindowsuk.co.uk – I made this site so we would be picked up on hardwood window searches which we are yaay

www.contemporaryfrontdoors-uk.co.uk – Success! this site gets picked up extremely well by the search engines hence we have more orders for contemporary front doors than any others!

Please let me know if I’ve missed any because it even confuses me


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PLEASE NOTE All our products are made to measure to your sizes and requirements from the wood and colour of your choice please email your enquiry info@doormaker.co.uk