Arts and Crafts Doors

Arts and Crafts doors made to your requirements from the wood of your choice. Arts and crafts doors can be supplied fully finished and pre-hung into the frame with modern locking systems. Click here to see more arts and crafts doors and pricing information.

Click here to see more arts and crafts doors and pricing information.

The Arts and Crafts Movement developed in 19th-century Britain as a rebellion against the fashion for inventive sham and over-elaborate design and as an attempt to reverse the growing dehumanisation of work in society. It was based on simple forms, truth to materials and the use of nature as the source of pattern. Young London-based architects were inspired by the ideas of John Ruskin and William Morris. They founded the Art Workers’ Guild in 1884 to break down barriers between architects, artists, designers and makers. The term ‘Arts & Crafts’ was first used at the suggestion of the bookbinder T J Cobden-Sanderson for its offshoot, the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, set up in 1888

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a rebellion of substance as well as style. Its power came from the conviction that art and craft could change people’s lives. Its strong social and moral purpose has ensured its continuing relevance. Many guilds and workshops were set up which had a long lasting impact on communities.

The work could be highly decorated but was often extremely plain. The roughness and simplicity of some work was shocking, one reviewer in 1899 referred to an Arts and Crafts piece as looking ‘like the work of a savage’. However, most pieces show a concern for and understanding of craftsmanship. The bright colours, rich patterns and textures of many pieces are visually stunning.

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