Idigbo Doors

Idigbo doors. Idigbo is a very durable timber that copes very well in wet environments.  Idigbo is traditionally used as a more cost-effective alternative to European Oak due to its similar properties. It is also very lightweight yet strong making it a great choice for external joinery. Its straight fine grain gives it a smooth texture for painting which means it can also be a good painted wood option.

Here are some examples. Click on the images for further information on each doorset.

Idigbo Arched Front Door with 4 Pane Vision Light & Frame

idigbo front door arched

Idigbo Contemporary Front door and Frame with Glazed Sidelights

idigbo doors

Arched Double Doors with Glazed Panes made from Idigbo and Frame ARDD-06

idigbo doors

Idigbo (stained) Framed Ledged and Braced Angled Head Double Garage Doors and Frame – GD19

idigbo garage doors

Bespoke Stable Door – 6 Panes and Frame – Made from Idigbo hardwood

idigbo doors

Arched Pedestrian Gate – Framed Ledged and Braced Style and Posts Ref. G12

Bespoke Garage Doors made from Idigbo – Framed Ledged & Braced and Frame ref. GD26

idigbo garage doors

2 Glazed Pane Door made from Idigbo – Square Lead Glass and Frame

bespoke door idigbo