New Openings – Advice

Products Installed into New Openings/Uninhabited Buildings

We highly recommend you do NOT fit timber products into a new building/extension until all wet works (plastering/screeding) are completed and until the building is watertight and is adequately heated.   And if the building is not fully inhabited you will need to make sure doors/windows are opened and closed regularly whilst they ‘settle’ in.

We take a great deal of care to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible but unfortunately once they leave us we have no control over the conditions to which they are exposed and therefore we WILL NOT accept any responsibility for ‘moisture related’ problems.

If you choose not to follow the above recommendations and you install the products’ then our guarantee/warranty will be void.  If you do experience problems due to moisture we will do all we can to help but any visits/replacement items WILL BE CHARGEABLE.

If you do experience any swelling, due to the above, then hopefully products should return to normal once the moisture has left them.  Gentle internal heating and good ventilation of the building will greatly reduce the problem Do not blast with heat.’